— Grandbrothers

Grandbrothersmusic.com is the official homepage of a band from Düsseldorf / Germany –
Erol Sarp and Lukas Vogel, signed on FILM Recordings.

In order to achieve their special sound Lukas developed an unusual system for playing the piano. Drawing on his technical background, he created a series of electromechanical hammers that could be controlled via laptop (on software that he designed himself, no less) to ‘play’ the piano. This process allowed the duo to discover new, previously unknown sounds – sounds that couldn’t be achieved through conventional playing – which give the record its unique sonic qualities.

Screenshot of the Grandsbrothers HomepageScreenshot of the Grandsbrothers HomepageScreenshot of the Grandsbrothers Homepage

The site was build entirely with Laravel 4 and a custom made CMS which allows creating, editing and deleting of site admins, news and live gigs. This CMS was the first version of CHKO CMS. The design and scroll animation (which I later called the "Paternoster-Effekt") reflects the duality in their sound. You can check out the code on Github.

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