After working for I decided to stay in the glooming Berlin Startup world and joined a small company which would later be called Styla - settings sails to conquer the online magazine and content commerce market on an international scope as a SaaS. homepage

I became part of 10-man-sized team (including founders) sitting in a shared office, drinking Club Mate. The startup vibe was real and I felt very much at home. I quickly found my role in the 5-man-sized development team as a Frontend Developer. Since the main application was also written in Backbone.js I began implementing new features and core improvements soon after.

Since being a SaaS there is always work for specific clients involved. I ended building an entire websites from scratch for Ludwigbeck, Boohoo and PKZ. They're built with OctoberCMS a very flexible CMS based on PHP and hosted on AWS. I was responsible for the entire UI/UX design and the whole implemention for those 3 clients.

Ludwigbeck Magazine Boohoo Stylefix Magazine PKZ Magazine

Today Styla employs over 60 employees in a proper office and is still growing. We greatly improved our infrastructure by splitting our service up in multiple microservices, mostly running on Node.js and React.js. Currently my job is to develop some of those microservices as a full-stack developer, improve our technical SEO capabilities and help clients implement our service. As everyone in the company I'm involved in developing a completely new layout engine for our magazine, using a machine learning approach.

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