— The Record

During my study in Leipzig and as a part of my masters thesis I started working on a new platform for vinyl collectors using Open Data as a basis. The idea was to replace old school techniques like using excel or worse, bring collectors together, connect and encourage them to rediscover their collections. By now users only need to provide artist and title of their vinyls in order to add them to their collection. Everything else like track list, label, catalog number, genre, etc. will be aggregated automatically with the help of various music related APIs. After populating the collection, various sorting and filter tools are provided. In addition a personal collectors profile is created, which provides several statistics on your collection. Another feature is the Jukebox, which will play random tracks from your collection in an endless loop. Maybe it's time to listen some old records again?

Screenshot of the Welcome screenScreenshot of the Vinyl collectionScreenshot of the StatisticsScreenshot of the Jukebox

The platform aggregates and visualizes data from various APIs, like Discogs, Spotify, iTunes or Youtube. By combining datasets from different sources throughout the web, new and more valuable data can be created. This well-orchestrated data is then made public as Open Data again by using an open API.

The whole project is Open Source and realized with the MVC based PHP framework Laravel in combination with Vue.js for some frontend components and hosted with Laravel Forge on Digital Ocean. You can check out the code on Github.

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